Medical Conferences/Congresses are great venues to collect competitive intelligence. Key Opinion Leaders and speakers/presenters are nearly always available, poster sessions and symposia can provide great insight into competitors’ plans, and exhibition halls are a unique opportunity to meet and talk with competitors’ managers, sales reps, and science experts. Conferences also provide opportunities to establish contacts with sources to follow-up with post-conference.

However, to maximize their value, there needs to be meticulous planning, the right team to attend the conference, and strong project management to ensure that all Key Intelligence Topics and Questions (KITs/KIQs) are covered every day of the conference.

    • Establish goals
    • Define KITs and KIQs
    • Select ideal EMC Team and Project Manager
    • Research conference program, abstracts, posters, session, speakers, and exhibitors
    • Develop Conference Playbook, identifying prioritized targets and responsibility for coverage
    • Relay Playbook and other relevant material to client two weeks in advance
    • Explain Counter-CI to client team and how to conduct ethical collection at conferences
    • Review Playbook to maximize collection
    • Attend conference as per Playbook
    • Take photographs of exhibit booths, posters, oral presentations, as allowed
    • Conduct debrief meetings with client team; develop daily recaps of conference activity
    • Upload material to client’s secure server each evening
    • Deliver Top-Line Report summarizing key findings
    • Present Final Report including detailed findings and assessments
    • Conclude with a client meeting or teleconference to review findings and identify gaps and next steps