Building Your Competitive Advantage

EMC Analytics Group specializes in strategic and tactical consulting services for the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device and diagnostic markets, as well as the healthcare markets and critical issues around the move to value-based healthcare and the competitive use of big data and mobile technology.

The global life sciences market is continuously becoming more complex, more competitive, and more time-sensitive.

Payers are getting more demanding, needing to see the value of new therapies. Patients have open access to scientific data and are sharing their therapeutic experiences online. Providers are under constant pressure to do more for less money. Technology is disputing key healthcare segments.

When you or your nearest competitor launches a new therapy, diagnostic, or therapeutic service, you have to have the best intelligence on the likely impact on your market. You need regular updates to feed into your go-to-market strategies. You need the confidence that you have the best information and analysis.


You need a research partner you can rely on. Someone who:

  • truly understands your market and, hence, your needs.
  • already knows the dynamics of your market and what are the critical forces shaping it.
  • can immediately target the intelligence you need,
  • is flexible and expects the project to shift focus as new information is uncovered,
  • is highly responsive to your and your team’s needs, and
  • delivers the highest quality competitive insights in your timeframe


You are might be looking to launch a new product, protect an existing asset, understand how to improve your market share, or defend against low-cost competition. You will need a team that has deep scientific knowledge and understands the changing needs of physicians, specialists, and nursing teams. You need a team that understands the shifting world of market access and reimbursement and fully appreciates the threats and opportunities from changing regulations. You need a research partner that can, as needed, tap into experts on new diagnostics, supply chains, manufacturing, reimbursement, customer support services, and new monitoring technologies.

In addition to these demands, you also need to be confident that your research partner will only use ethical research methods and that, when delivered to you, findings will be analyzed and presented in a format suitable for you to immediately present to your colleagues and management.

If this describes your needs, then EMC Analytics Group can help you. We specialize in best-in-class strategic and tactical consulting services for the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets as well as the U.S. healthcare market.

EMC specializes in competitive analysis and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the value we deliver to our clients.